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Abrasive Blasting Guns

RS-000 Abrasive Blasting Guns and Replacement Parts

Kennametal engineers have created an ergonomically designed abrasive blasting gun to allow operators to complete cleaning jobs faster, more easily, and more economically. This lightweight, durable one-piecegun is constructed of high-density polyurethane, with a palm grip and thumb hole to give enhancedcontrol and comfort. Weighing only 14 ounces, this device reduces operator fatigue and gives greater control of high pressure blasting than other systems. Available in right and left hand models.The RS-2000 Abrasive Blasting Gun is available in a complete assembly that includes gun body, nozzle, matching air jet, cartridge, gun fitting kit, and screws.

Pressure blast gun


 RS-2000 Pressure Blast Gun (includes two tie straps)1300301

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Hose kit


Hose kit for 5/8" I.D. abrasive feed hose includes:10 ft 1/2" I.D. compressed air hose

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Complete RS-2000 suction blast gun assemblies gun body, nozzle, matching air jet, cartridge, gun fitting kit, screws


RS-2000 components and replacements may also be purchased seperately. Air jets and nozzles are available in tungsten carbide or boron carbide in a variety of sizes.

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Suction blast air requirements (SCFM)

Pressure (psi)  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100 
1/4" nozzle, 1/8" air jet10 1215 17 19 21 23 26 
5/16" nozzle, 5/32" air jet1519232731 373842
3/8" nozzle, 3/16" air jet 22 26303540 45 4954 
1/2" nozzle, 1/4" air jet 36 4553 60 67 748187

Replacement Parts, Nozzles, and Air Jets For RS-2000 Blast Gun


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Replacement parts for RS-2000 blast gun


Replacement Parts for RS-2000130030

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Tungsten carbide airjets for RS-2000 gun

TL107 Series tungsten carbide air jet inserts


Straight bore, 5/16" O.D.

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Tungsten carbide nozzles for RS-2000 gun

TL175 Series tungsten carbide gun inserts


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